Software Development

We create custom and integrated systems starting from your needs

We develop custom software products that meet specific customer's needs, integrating, if required, the new code with existing software. Our skills are mainly related to web and cloud based solutions.

We always try to split the entire project into smaller modules to develop it in steps. This allows the customer to get testable results in a short time and allows better control of the system that we are building without losing the overall vision of the project.

Mobile Application

We develop mobile applications to enhance your business

Having a dedicated App became necessary today for companies who direct their products or services to final consumers due to the mobile decvices' spread.

We design and develop App focusing on IOS and Android native language for your product, service, or to let you interact with your customers. Our app are created in order to being properly displayed across as many devices as possible. Our strength is experience and quality of the final product.

We have all the skills and the best resources to help you to design or develop your project and look at the user experience perceived by the user.

We take care of the App development process from analysis until publication trying to do our best to integrate the app with pre-existing systems.

Streaming Solutions

We provide the most advanced systems for the distribution of contents on the internet

The internet broadcasting is the easiest way to distribute contents on the web: you need just a few clicks to listen to a radio, access LIVE video contents or On-Demand, but above all it takes a very little time to create your own channel.

We offer the opportunity to make stable connections, managing to overcome traditional frequencies' limits. Web streaming broadcast has many advantages: comes in every corner of the world with a good price, it's easy to make and simple to manage with our systems.

The powerful user interface allows you to monitor access of your channel, use the code snippet to display a player on your web pages and more!
Our audio / video streaming technology is based on SHOUTcast, Icecast and Wowza server with a 99.9% SLA
These software are the best you can find on the market.

Broadcast flows becomes simple using our powerful and smart solutions.