A new way to manage contents. Simple, Sharable, Powerful.


What is it
SelfTV is a web platform that allows you to manage and distribute video content On Demand or Live in 24/7 mode, on any device or social network. The HTML5 player and the numerous options allow you to create a fully accessible and custom designed cloud system. Using the mobile application you can go live or upload new clips on the system that will be immediately available for the your channel playlist rotation on air 24/7. SelfTV also allows you to enable concurrent users on the same channel in order to extend your media library or to recive multiple live inputs!

File Management
The file ingest is designed to perform an automatic and fast encoding uniforming videos in the correct size and format. An advanced uploader lets you upload files without installing software and it doesn't miss your transfer if the connection is interrupted temporarily! SelfTV creates previews and thumbnails to improve contents research. Once a video is chosen you can modify it with a smart internal editor.

SelfTv allows the creation, managing and transmission of your own 24/7 streaming channel. Operations such as create or edit playlists, are made simple using a smart drag & drop interface designed for quick access. You can create different rotations and choose which of them you want to use to communicate your services or products in a custom and shareable channel.

All uploaded clips on the system will also be available in On Demand. You can enhance your website with a video section simply pasting a code snippet.

Use this section to create a Vidoe on Demand channel or to share clips with your team and approving only the clips you want. Your viewers will enjoy this features so you will be able to create a comunity around your videos.

SelfTv allows you to broadcast your live channel on Facebook and YouTube: choose from what time to go live on the most popular socials. If you already use a CDN, you can distribute streaming generated by SelfTv with another provider!

The "Studio" feature provides a powerful control tool for live management. Each authorized user can send a stream to the platform that will show a preview: the administrator will choose the input to use in real time and without breaking the continuity of streaming to your event viewers! From this section you can manage the Logo position, or choose which Banner will be displayed. You can also manage manualy your tickers or automatically generate them using RSS feeds: your viewers will recive even more informations printed on your videos!

Dedicated mobile Application
The App for iOS and Android becomes a powerful tool to grow the content of your SelfTv's video gallery. Through the application, after login, users can send files stored into their device or created by the application itself. A handy editor will allow you to post only the video parts you enjoyed. With the SelfTv App you can use the nDVR feature for remote recordings: any content made by this mode will be available immediately on the platform without using your device's space!

Check at any time how many viewers are following your Live channel or watching your video on Demand. A specific section of the panel will show you real-time data and past connections.

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Welcome to MASH-UP ...

Mash Up is a production and postproduction automation software of audio files. It lets you perform all the operations of the traditional studio, working on a remote server without installing any software. The system lets you to record, concatenate several files, add a backing track or commercials. it also allows you to publish your work on the web minimizing the processing time and costs. Mash Up can be used for the cyclical creation of editorial products, without the aid of any external software.

A wizard to create new productions!
Mash-Up lets you create complex contents starting from individual audio clips. You can quickly and professionally sonorize your recordings through simple steps. The Wizard will guide you to create a new file from basic records: using the Drag & Drop function you can order and customize it with sounds effects. You can add jingles, background music and commercials to your project using another simple built-in feature.

Manage MASH-UP even from your tablet!
Manage your projects everywhere. The adaptive interface gives you access from any mobile device to all system features, giving you complete control even when you're away from the PC. Operations such as create or edit scheduling, are possible using the handy interface designed for quick access even on small displays. The workspace also can be customized to become more efficiency.

MASH-UP FOR press AND advertising agencies
A powerful professional tool. Mash-Up fits perfectly to all the needs of radio news agencies or media centers. The software has been designed together with industry specialists to integrate it into a journalism editorial staff. Mash-Up speeds up and automates the production of contents such as radio news or radio columns, being able to generate in a very few seconds highly professional products through integration with modules for FTP transfer, the system can update any website, blog, or radio playout.

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Cloud Radio Playout

VirtualDj is an innovative radio automation system for the web. You can manage infinite channels, anywhere, and without limits and no hardware costs.

The system is accessible from any browser and allows you to build your radio planning, manage your music library, and broadcast on the internet without requiring external software.

Music management follows the traditional radio criteria, allowing the management of scheduled playlist by file or by genre, avoiding the physical limits.

A flexible tool that allows publishers to create and manage dedicated channels focused to the commercial ends: an extra channel to aquire a new business model. A powerful system at a sustainable cost.

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Playout video in cloud

Virtual TV e' un innovativo servizio che permette di gestire file video attraverso servizi cloud based risiedenti su server in remoto rendendoli accessibili in qualsiasi momento, ovunque e con qualsiasi dispositivo.

Virtual TV integra le soluzioni streaming piu' efficaci per massimizzare il valore dei contenuti video trasmettendo verso qualsiasi tipo di terminale e piattaforma - iPhone,iPad, Smartphone e Tablet Android, PC, Mac e Linux.

E' possibile, inoltre, garantire l'esperienza (Live e On demand) ottimale, con il supporto di streaming HD e la visua- lizzazione dei contenuti in full-screen.

Virtual TV permette di caricare via FTP i tuoi video in formato MP4 e di creare la propria programmazione di contenuti video con pochi click attraverso un pannello di controllo. Non necessita di nessuna installazione e configurazione da parte dei clienti con notevoli benefici in termini di riduzione di costi e risorse impiegate.

Attraverso la ''Overview'' si ha una panoramica settimanale degli eventi e delle tipologie di programmazione utilizzate e si potranno controllare gli eventi programmati ad orario. Ogni palinsesto viene caricato giornalmente. Le modifiche fatte per il giorno in corso, se non forzate, saranno disponibili al prossimo ciclo (settimana).

In qualsiasi momento e' possibile commutare in ''LIVE'' e trasmettere un evento in diretta tramite software di encoding compatibili o la app mobile personalizzata (opzionale).

Virtual TV prevede soluzioni scalabili e modulari. La piattaforma puo' essere adattata in termini di volume di traffico, spazio, banda, contemporaneita'. Nessun costo fisso durevole consente di dimensionare l'investimento alle mutazioni del mercato.



Web Radio Recorder

REPLAY: Radio has got replay starting from today!

what is it

Replay is an innovative cloud-based recording system. This feature allows every device to access data overcoming its operation system. Replay is a tool that allows our listeners to not miss any episode of their favorite show.

how does it work

Once logged into the system, through a simple menu, the user can manage in total autonomy the recording of his streaming channel, programming the date and time with a few clicks. RePlay, lets you organize recordings folders allowing playback at any moment...

Why would you need it?

RePlay can be used as a system for the monitoring of radio programming: as every web based system, enables access to your files remotely, outside your corporate network.

RePlay using a few code snippets, can be used to easily create on-demand files to insert on your website.

MAIN features

- Replay uses as innovative gadget for your listeners.
- You can give more value to your planning, allowing the playback of favorite programs.
- In reply you can reserve a variable amount of disk space to each user.
- If you manage multiple channels, you can limit registration to only some of them.
- Replay can be integrated with other systems.

how we sell it

Replay is provided as a service, as customized software or can be developed as a mobile application.